WordPress integration videos

Integrate with WordPress

Using our customizable subscribe forms, you can easily embed these anywhere on your WordPress site and all email submissions will be seamlessly passed along to beehiiv. We automatically handle all email validation and proper data attribution, so you can attribute exactly how these subscribers signed up and where they came from.


RSS feed-to-post with WordPress

Using our RSS feed feature + a free plugin, you're able to have all the content you publish on beehiiv automatically sync downstream to your WordPress site.


Import Content from WordPress

Check out our WordPress Content Import option in the quick video. 


Archiiv WordPress Plugin (Embed Forms) 

Watch this video to learn how to integrate the Archiiv Wordpress plugin into your site to collect signups.


Disclaimer: The beehiiv platform has evolved since the filming of these videos, so parts of the user interface featured in the videos will be slightly different that what you see in your account. 

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