How to integrate a subscribe form with a Squarespace site

Using our customizable subscribe forms, you can easily embed them anywhere on your Squarespace site and all email submissions will be seamlessly passed along to your beehiiv account. We automatically handle all email validation and proper data attribution, so you can see exactly how these subscribers signed up and where they came from. Watch this quick video tutorial to learn how to do it. 

Watch and learn: Integrate with Squarespace

Disclaimer: The beehiiv platform has evolved since the filming of this video, so parts of the user interface featured in the video will be slightly different than what you see in your account.
In particular, to access the referenced areas in your beehiiv account, you would initially go to Settings > Publication > Subscribe Forms, and then either create a new form or select one to edit. You'll also want to be logged into your Squarespace account in a separate tab so you can refer to them both. 

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