How do I create segments?

Segmentation is best used for those who want to understand who is engaging with their content. 

These are a few examples of what you can do using beehiiv's segmentation tool:
1. How many subscribers came from Twitter last month? And are they more engaged than subscribers who came from LinkedIn?
2. How many people have opened 100% of my newsletters?
3. Are these TikTok ads working?
4. How many total people have opened a newsletter in the past 30 days?

With Segments you can answer all of these questions and more. We've built an incredibly powerful segmentation engine where you can drill down several layers deep to derive the insights you want, and then analyze the aggregate level data on these segments.

There are three types of segments you can create:

Static— which aggregates subscribers at the time of creation and does NOT update
Dynamic— which updates frequently as additional subscribers meet the requirements and are added or existing subscribers no longer meet the requirements and are removed
Manual— which is based on a list of specific subscribers you want to manually import and does NOT update over time

To access Segmentation, just visit the Audience tab in your navbar and click on Segmentation.

Example Segments:

To provide you a bit more context about how this can be used, we've included 3 simple example segments below to show the feature in action.

Active Subscribers

If you just wanted a quick snapshot of subscribers who have opened or clicked at least once you could create a simple segment like this:


Which will result in something like this:


Subscribers from TikTok Ads

If you just wanted a quick snapshot of subscribers who signed up from TikTok Ads:


Which will result in something like this:


Inactive non-premium subscribers who signed up 14-30 days ago

And perhaps you wanted to get a bit more granular and review non-premium subscribers who signed up between 14 and 30 days ago, but haven't opened or clicked on anything.


Which resulted in something like this:


For more insights on how to create and benefit from beehiiv's segmentation tool, we've created a small series of videos to help! 
Intro to Segmentation Part 1
Intro to Segmentation Part 2
Create Segment from List Upload

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