How can I add a paywall to my newsletter?

You can drop a custom content break anywhere in your premium content. 

What this means:

  • As a paying reader of your publication, I'm able to read the post in its entirety
  • As a non-paying reader of your publication, I can read up until that content break, and then am prompted to upgrade to read the rest (hence the "teaser")

    Just a single click and the content break is added directly into your post.

    And this functionality applies to both web and newsletter content, meaning you can send a single newsletter to your entire audience (both free and premium tiered subscribers) and we'll dynamically render the correct version to your readers pending their subscription tier. Ditto for web.

    Here's an example found in one of our users' newsletters:

    You can also follow this video for an easy step by step on setting up a paywall in your content: 

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