Why is the verification process taking so long?

How to verify your account:

1. Provide your Twitter or LinkedIn profile
2. Confirm your email

Both of these are so we can verify your identity. We don't ever use your Twitter or LinkedIn in association with your newsletter. If a user provides a social account with 0 followers and 0 following, we will likely request more information from them.
Because of this, it is often preferable to provide a personal account rather than a business account (unless you have an established business with an active social account). If you don't want to share your Twitter or LinkedIn account, you can also send us an archive of your previously sent posts.
If a user provides an active social account but doesn’t confirm the email on the account, we will still request more information via email.
Once you receive the email, it’s important that you update the verification form and respond to the email. This will get you verified faster.
We take our email deliverability very seriously at beehiiv, and we hold the right to disable sending from any account if the content appears to be spam. We are a platform focused on and built for high quality newsletter content.

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