How do I use automated promo codes for my referral program?

Making an Existing Reward fulfill via Promo Codes


1. Navigate to Rewards Management

2. Select “Edit” for the given Reward you’d like to change

3. Update the Reward Type to “Promo Code” and click “Update”




4. Navigate to Milestones Management

5. Select “Edit” for the given Milestone tied to the Reward

6. Select “Manage Promo Codes” in order to add promo codes in bulk or manually for the reward (each promo code should be unique and only usable once)



7. Once you’ve added a sufficient number of promo codes, navigate back to Edit the Milestone and make sure to add the merge tag within your Milestone email to be sent out as part of achieving the milestone. 




8. Going forward, all new achievements for this milestone will automatically be assigned an unassigned promo code. The email will automatically sent to them with it in it when they achieve the milestone (unless you opted for Delay Email Until Fulfilled)

9. Any pending milestones that are achieved will need to be manually assigned a promo code (this is only for ones that were achieved prior to updating the Reward Type)

10. Navigate to Fulfilment Page 

11. Select “Manage” for any of the milestones that are Action Required for the given reward

12. Select the “Assign” button and assign a given promo code and then once done select “Mark as Fulfilled”

    1. If you are using the Delay Email Until Fulfilled option, the emails will be sent out immediately with the promo codes in them
    2. If you are not using the Delay Email Until Fulfilled option, you will have to email the recipient outside of the process


13. Going forward, promo codes will automatically be assigned for you and all you have to do is fulfill them (or if you have “Auto Fulfillment” enabled, you don’t have to do anything).

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