How to send test emails

When creating a post in your beehiiv account, in the panel on the right, you'll see the option to Send Test in the bottom nav bar. 


Clicking on Send Test allows you to send a test email to other team members and/or any emails that you enter, so you can verify that your post looks and renders as you would expect. 

You are not limited to the number of test emails that you can send, so feel free to keep testing until you are satisfied with the final result. However, you can only send each test email to 10 people at a time.

Using the Simulated Subscriber option

Also on the Send a test form that pops up, there is an Advanced option where you can send your test emails to a Simulated Subscriber


The Simulated Subscriber option allows you to alter the test email to be personalized to one of your subscribers. You can select the subscriber you wish to use from the dropdown menu. It will add that subscriber’s name to the test email in any places you have specified using merge tags

Tech Note: If you are sending a test email to verify unique links for each subscriber, like a referral or unsubscribe link in the email footer, make sure to simulate a subscriber during the test. This ensures there's an associated subscriber to fetch their unique information. Otherwise, testing these unique links may result in errors.


When utilizing the Simulated Subscriber option, test emails are personalized based on the selected subscriber, rather than each individual recipient. While the test email is sent only to the specified email addresses, its content will be tailored to the chosen simulated subscriber. This feature is particularly useful for testing personalization, such as rewarding subscribers in your Referral Program.

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