Can I use custom HTML in my posts?

Yes, you can use your own custom HTML by accessing the HTML Snippet option found in the post editor. 

By nature of enabling custom HTML, it allows users to import content not created within the beehiiv ecosystem. beehiiv cannot guarantee that your custom HTML will behave or look as you expect. It is your responsibility to thoroughly test it.

In order to help protect your post, beehiiv takes some safety measures with your custom HTML snippets:

  • Some elements such as <script> and <style> elements will not be saved, but most basic HTML elements are supported.
  • Invalid HTML elements will not be saved.
  • Incomplete HTML elements may be autocompleted. For example, if you forget a closing tag, beehiiv will attempt to add this for you.

Frequently asked questions about using HTML 

Why does it say "Some elements are not compatible with email"?

When compared to your web browser, email is incredibly limited in what kind of HTML elements it supports. In order to protect your post from having issues in the inbox, beehiiv will automatically hide the following elements in the email version of your post:

<iframe> <audio> <video> <source> <track>

Why does it say "Some elements are not compatible with web"?

When constructing the email version of your post, it can be helpful to customize the post with information specific to a subscriber. To help support this, beehiiv allows you to use the following macros to insert information about each of your subscribers:

{{subscriber_id}} - a unique identifier that represents a subscriber

{{subscriber_email_hash}} - MD5 hash of the subscriber's email

Since these macros can only be used in the email version of your post; custom html snippets that use them will be hidden on the web.

Why does it say "This block will not be saved"?

The above sections list elements that are only available on the web and only available in email. If your custom html snippet contains both a web-only and email-only element, then beehiiv does not save it to ensure no errors occur on either platform.

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