How do I update my subscribe page?

Your landing page by default can be found at ``. 


There are a few different components you're able to customize here:

  • Logo
  • Publication name
  • Description
  • Background color
  • Button and form color
  • Border style of buttons and form
  • Fonts

To update the logo, publication name, and description

  1. Visit your Settings page
  2. Under Publication you'll see the fields for "Publication Name", "One-line Description", and a logo form field on the right
  3. Click Save in the bottom right corner

To update the background color, button and form color, border style, and fonts

  1. Visit your Settings page
  2. Under Website Styles you can update the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors
  3. Under Themes you can update the "Subscribe Landing Page" color scheme to choose a background color (light, dark, or your secondary color)
  4. Forms and buttons will default to your "Primary Color"
  5. You can choose a font family from Google fonts and update them for Header fontBody font, or Button font
  6. Under Buttons & Forms you can update the style of the buttons

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