Will my open rate be affected when I migrate to beehiiv?

When migrating from one platform to another, there's always a slight level of uncertainty. We've made serious investments into ensuring best-in-class deliverability and email sending practices. When moving from another email platform to beehiiv, you shouldn't notice any negative impact of deliverability and inbox placement. 

There are several factors that are considered when inbox providers evaluate incoming mail:

  • IP reputation 
  • Domain reputation
  • Historical audience engagement with emails from sender
  • Content of specific email

While beehiiv is mostly responsible for the first two, the latter two are more so dependent on you as the user. 

Audience engagement

In order to optimize audience engagement, we recommend:

  • only collecting emails from people who have knowingly opted in
  • removing un-engaged subscribers over time (we are working on a couple of advanced features to assist with this)
  • creating content than encourages readers to click on links and reply directly to specific content
  • create some level of consistency with email cadence

Content of email

Inbox providers evaluate email on a case by case basis, and emails that contain content that is akin to spam are more susceptible to be placed into junk or spam folders in the recipient's inbox. Please refer to this article for recommendations of words and content to avoid in emails.

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