I just created my beehiiv account, what should I do next?

Finish setting up your account...

  1. Update your profile
  2. Setup your newsletter 
  3. Customize email template
  4. Customize web styles
  5. Import subscribers
  6. Import content
  7. Verify your account 

Update your profile

Add details about yourself so readers and other users know who you are. We recommend at least a profile picture and your Twitter handle.


Setup your newsletter

Configure your newsletter so readers can discover it and know what it’s about. We recommend uploading a logo, providing a clear description, sender name (likely either your name or the name of the newsletter), and enabling a welcome email so new readers know they successfully signed up.


Customize email template

We know that you want your newsletter to be unique, so we built some tools to help you customize whatever you want. You can change the fonts, colors, spacing, background, etc. 


Customize website styles

We also know that you want your website to be unique, so we recommend changing the colors, themes, and fonts to match your aesthetic. 


Import subscribers

Under Import Subscribers in Settings you're able to upload a csv of your existing subscribers, of which you should be able to export from a previous newsletter platform.


Import content

Under Import Content in Settings you're able to drop the URL of your existing publication or upload a zip file of your posts from another content hosting platform.

Note: you'll need to enable an RSS feed in the settings of your previous platform. Due to the complexities and various permutations with other platform's settings and configurations, this may not always work as intended. Contact support if you need assistance with this.



Now that you’ve signed up for beehiiv, we recommend that you verify your account via email. You should have received an email with a verification option. If you did not, this likely means that your account is under review and we will send you another email once we’ve reviewed your account. 




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