How do I offer premium subscriptions?

beehiiv makes it simple to create and manage premium subscriptions, so you can monetize your content seamlessly. beehiiv does not take a fee for being an intermediary in the transaction between you and your readers. 

The only fees taken are that of our payment processing partner, Stripe, which takes 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction. For example. if you charge $10 /mo for your content, you will receive $9.41 per month from that reader as long as their premium subscription remains active.

Connecting to Stripe

  1. Visit Settings and Publication
  2. Connect your Stripe account under Premium (Paid) Tier

Set your prices

Once you've connected your Stripe account, you'll be able to set both a Monthly Subscription Price and an Annual Subscription Price. Note that $1 is the minimum you can charge.

Promote the benefits of premium

Under Premium (Paid) Tier you can add a Premium Summary and a list of up to four Premium-only Features that will be promoted on your "Upgrade" page, displayed after users subscribe for free. 


Sending premium-only content

When you're creating a post, under Audience, you're able to select which tier of subscribers you'd like to send to. When you have premium enabled, you can choose between free, premium, or both. To send a premium campaign, you would select Premium.

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