How to feature audio in your newsletter

There are countless ways that you can customize your newsletter using beehiiv, including adding audio files for your subscribers to listen to. You can add this feature directly from the post editor using the Audio block. 

  1. From an open post, type / to access the post editor, or just start typing /audio. Look for the Embeds section, and then click on Audio

  2. The Audio block will be added to your post. Click on the Upload audio file button and select an audio file from your device, or drag and drop one into the block.

    Accepted audio files are mp3, wav, ogg, flac, aac, and webm.

  3. Use the small menu of icons found above the Audio block to customize the look of it. Click on each of the icons to adjust the title, background color, download the file, upload or pick a new file, or delete the block.

    To add a thumbnail image for the audio file, click on the headphones icon inside of the block and select to either upload a new image or choose one from your image library.   

    Pro Tip: Click on the six dots found to the left of the Audio block to access the Visibility options for the block. In the Visibility options, you can set the Audio block to only be available to select subscribers, like your premium subscribers or those who have exceeded a certain referral threshold.
  4. After adding and designing your Audio block, be sure to use the Preview option to see how the block will look on varying devices.

    Within a post, or when being read as an email, the block will feature a Play Online button that will direct users to the web version of the post where they can play the audio file.

    Online at your publication website, whether it’s on a desktop or mobile, the block will feature a play button with options to go back or forward, or adjust the speed of the audio. 


Note: Posts that are published to email only (and not web) will redirect to the publication’s Home Page when the Play Online button is clicked. 

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