Plan Types and Subscriber Plan Tier Pricing

This article covers the pricing structure for beehiiv’s Plan Types and Plan Tiers. Before diving in, please review this quick glossary of terms:

  • Plan Type: A type of account we offer that provides you access to certain beehiiv features and limits. We currently offer 4 plans: Launch, Scale, Max, Enterprise. 
  • Subscriber: Someone who has subscribed to a publication/newsletter within your account, also commonly referred to as a “contact” or “email.”
  • Active Subscriber: A subscriber who you are sending to that has not unsubscribed or been marked as inactive.
  • Plan Tier: Represents the amount you would pay on your Plan Type, which is dependent on your current active subscriber count.
  • Subscriber Limit: The maximum allowable amount of active subscribers on that Plan Type.

Plan Types

Our beehiiv plan options are Launch, Scale, Max, and Enterprise. Plan Types determine what features and limits are available to the plan you’re subscribed to.

Our pricing page provides a complete rundown of the features and pricing for all beehiiv plans. 

Subscriber Plan Tiers 

Each Plan Type includes subscriber Plan Tiers, meaning your monthly cost can vary based on the number of active subscribers you have. While your Plan Type determines the features available on that plan, the cost of your plan also depends on your subscriber Plan Tier.


It’s important to note that while the Scale and Max plans have an allowable subscriber limit of 100k, you would pay for your Plan Tier of active subscribers as they increase in those tiered amounts until you hit 100k, in which case, you'd need to upgrade to our Enterprise plan.

Subscriber Plan Tiers and cost calculator 

On our pricing page, you can use our automated plan calculators to see how much your plan would cost based on your active subscriber count. 

Simply select how often you want to pay at the top right, Monthly or Yearly, then hop down to the plan you’re interested in, and click into the subscribers field. Use the dropdown menu to scroll down and select your subscriber tier and the cost per month/year will be reflected above.  

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 4.19.22 PM.png


Frequently asked questions about beehiiv plans

How do I access my free trial on these Plan Types?

Upon first creating a beehiiv account, you’ll immediately receive a trial of our Scale plan. No upgrade or credit card is required. For more information of what’s included in our free trial, check out: What’s available during a free trial.

How do I upgrade my Plan Type or Plan Tier?

You can do this directly from your account by going to Settings > Billing, and then under Usage Information, click on the Upgrade dropdown button. For a full walkthrough, check out: How to change your beehiiv Plan Type and Plan Tier

What if I need to upgrade to a Plan Tier much larger than the one available at checkout?

If you haven’t imported the entire list of subscribers that you intend to send to and would like to upgrade your Plan Tier prior to doing so, please contact support for further assistance.

How do I downgrade my Plan Type?

You can downgrade your plan by going to Settings > Billing, then scroll down to Cancellation Actions and click on the Downgrade button. For a full walkthrough, check out: How to change your beehiiv Plan Type and Plan Tier

How do I downgrade my Plan Tier?

If you’ve reduced your list below your currently subscribed Plan Tier, please contact support for further assistance.

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