Downgrade or cancelation options for premium subscribers

Available on paid beehiiv plans. Click here to upgrade your account.

If you are monetizing your newsletter by offering premium subscriptions to your publications, it is best practice to also offer a quick and convenient way for your subscribers to downgrade or cancel their subscription at any time. 

With this in mind, beehiiv has a few easy routes built into your account that your subscribers can use to downgrade or cancel their subscription; via the footer of any of your posts, or from their subscription profile when logged into your publication website. 

How to update a premium subscription from the footer 

Every publication’s email footer features a line and link to manage the subscriber's preferences where they can choose to downgrade, edit, or unsubscribe from.

Simply click on the word ‘here’ and the subscriber will be taken to their profile page within your publication, and can update their preferences on that page. 

Selecting Downgrade will cancel a paid subscription and move the subscriber to a free tier, whereas, selecting Unsubscribe will cancel their subscription and unsubscribe the subscriber from all email communications. 

How to update a premium subscription from the publication website

Anytime you offer premium subscriptions with your beehiiv account, your subscribers will also have the ability to log into your publication website. This is where they can manage their subscription, check on their referral status (if offered), and more.  

  1. Go to the site of a beehiiv publication that you subscribe to and click on the profile icon found in the upper right hand corner.
    Note: If it is your first time or if you are logging in from somewhere new, you may be asked to provide your email to verify your identity. 

  2. Select the Manage Subscription option from the dropdown menu.

  3. You’ll be brought to a page where you can update your subscription information.

    • To add or edit your first or last name, click on Edit details.
    • To unsubscribe or cancel completely, click on the Unsubscribe button.
    • To downgrade or change payment information, click on the Manage Subscription button.
      Note: If you choose to downgrade, you will NOT be charged again, but will remain a premium subscriber until the end of your current billing period. At that time — you will be downgraded to the free tier.

    Premium subscribers will be taken to the publication's Stripe billing portal to manage their subscription and/or view their invoice history.

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