How to set up and use multiple premium tiers

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One of the many advantages to offering premium subscriptions to your audience is being able to establish multiple levels of premium memberships for your publication. This allows for differentiated tiers (for example, Bronze, Silver, or Gold), each offering unique price points, perks, access levels, and payment plans; creating endless opportunities for you to monetize your publication. 

Watch and learn: How to set up premium subscriptions in beehiiv

Disclaimer: The beehiiv platform has evolved since the filming of this video, so parts of the user interface featured in the video will be different from what you see in your account. In particular, in the beginning at the .09 time stamp, when accessing your beehiiv account, you would go to Settings > Publication > Premium, as outlined in the steps below.

How to set up multiple tiers for premium subscriptions

  1. Go to the bottom of the left hand panel in your account and click on Settings.


  2. From the Settings options in the left panel, select Publication, and then click in the Premium tab on the right side.

    Premium Subscriptions.06.png

  3. If you haven’t already, you’ll see a notice that you’ll need to connect to your Stripe account first.

  4. Once you’ve connected your Stripe account, under Tier Configuration, toggle on the option to Enable Premium Subscriptions for your publication.

  5. Click on the Create New Tier button to configure your first premium subscription tier.

  6. A tier creation menu will appear where you can configure the following:

    Tier Details

    • Give the new tier a Name (required).
    • Under Preview Text, you can add a description for the new tier that will be displayed to your subscribers (optional).

      Premium Subscriptions.05.png

      Tier Plans & Pricing 

    • Set the plan type(s), choose from: 
      • Monthly Plan
      • Annual Plan
      • One Time Purchase
      • Name Your Price*
    • Be sure to toggle on the options that you'd like to include. 
    • Set a price for each plan.
    • Add Button Text for each one. 
    • Set the type of currency for all, found in the top right corner of the form.

      Premium Tier Plans.png

      *If you enable the Name Your Price option, all other plans (Monthly, Annual, and One-Time) will be disabled. You’ll receive a warning regarding this and will need to click on the Confirm Changes button to continue. 

      Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 2.28.50 PM.png

      Tech Note: Stripe limitations prevent the use of the Name Your Price option in these countries: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand.

      Plan Benefits (optional)

    • This is where you highlight what your subscribers get access to with the new tier.
    • You can add multiple benefits to each plan.
      • Enter in the description of each benefit and then click on + Add benefit
    • This information will automatically be featured on your Upgrade Page tier cards.

      Premium Subscriptions.03.png

      Advanced Options (optional)

    • You can also choose to add an (optional) Redirect URL.
    • Doing so will bring them to the specified URL once a subscriber completes the subscribe flow.

      Premium Subscriptions.04.png

      7. When finished adding the details of your new tier, review your configurations and then click on the Save Tier Changes button.

      8. Once saved, the new tier will be featured on your Upgrade Page

How to edit premium tiers using the Website Builder 

After creating multiple premium subscription tiers, you can further customize them using the Website Builder in your account. 

From the left hand panel, go to Design > Website Builder, then select the Upgrade Page option from dropdown menu options at the top of the builder.


The premium tier aspects that you can edit include: 

  • The plan card colors
  • The page color 
  • The headline text
  • The tier benefits on each card


Where to access multiple premium tiers in your account

After you’ve added multiple tiers to your premium offerings, there are a variety of places throughout the app where you can access tier-specific audiences.

From the post editor, you can:

Specify the audience when creating a post 

  • While in the post editor, go to the right hand menu options and select the Delivery tab. 
  • Under Email Recipients and Web Access > Managed Audiences, you can select from the different premium tiers to send your post to.


Create content to only be seen by your paid tiers

  • While creating your newsletter and using the post editor, you can add content visibility settings to display certain sections to specific paid tiers. 
  • To access these in the post editor, click on the six-dots next to the + sign for the section, and then select Visibility from the menu options. You’ll be presented with several visibility options that you can toggle on or off.


From Segments, you can: 

When using the Segmentation tool, you can create segments for your paid tiers.


From Automations, you can: 

When creating or editing your Automation workflows, you can select specific tiers using the Upgrade trigger.


From an individual subscriber profile page, you can: 

While you can’t change a subscriber’s status, you can view and confirm the exact tier and plan that they are currently on via the subscriber profile page found in your Subscribers.

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