How to invite and accept other publications to boost yours

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When you publish a boost offer, it goes live in the marketplace, allowing publications to apply to boost you. Instead of waiting for others to accept your offer, you can proactively invite publications to boost you directly.

How to invite publications to boost your offer

Note: These instructions are only valid if you have already created a Boosts offer in the marketplace.

  1. Go to your Boosts Dashboard Overview tab and next to your offer you’ll see a card to Find Potential Partners, click on the Invite Publications to Boost button.

  2. You’ll be brought to your Boost Invites where you can type in or filter to search for publications that are a good fit for your publication.
    You can narrow down your search to:
  • Filter by content category tag 
  • Search by publication name
  • Filter by language
  • Fitler by country

    Tech Note: Publications that are private or lack an image or name will not appear in the list of potential Boost Invites or in search results.
  1. Once you find a publication that you’d like to invite, you can add a short message for them under Reason for inviting this publication, and then click on the Send Boost Invite button.

    Note: All Boost Invites will expire after 7 days if the publication does not accept your invite.

  2. To view the invites that you have sent, click on the Invites Sent tab from the Boost Invites.

  3. Once a publication accepts your invite, you will receive a notification letting you know that they are now boosting your publication. You can adjust your notification settings here.


How to accept Boost Invites

If you’re on the monetization side of the Boosts network, you can be invited to boost publications beyond just applying to boost offers.

  1. When another publication invites you to boost their offer, you’ll see this in your Boosts Dashboard Overview tab.

    Boosts Invites.png

  2. Click on the Review Boost Invites button to see all of your pending invites.

    Boosts Invites.02.png

  3. You’ll be able to view all of the offer details and accept or decline each invitation.

  4. After you accept an invitation, the boost becomes live immediately and you’ll be able to copy the direct link to start promoting it. You’ll also need to click on I Understand & Accept Invite to confirm.

    Boosts Invites.03.png

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