How to use comments for collaboration in the editor

We’ve made it easy to collaborate with other team members of your publications by using comments in the post editor.

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Write > Posts.

  2. You can either select to edit one of your saved posts, or click on the Start Writing button to enter the post editor.

  3. To add a comment, highlight the words or section where you’d like to add a comment and the text editor will appear just above, click on the comment icon.

  4. Once accessed, a small box will appear next to the highlighted words, type in your comment and then click on the arrow to send it.

  5. You can also tag your team members in your comment, by typing the @ sign and select the person(s) from your list of available options.

    Note: You can only tag people in comments who are already confirmed as your team members for the publication.

  6. After making your comment, be sure to click on the arrow in the message box to send it. Any team members that were tagged in the comments will receive a notification in their beehiiv account.

Pro Tip: By default, you will be notified of all comments, mentions, thread replies, and thread resolutions. You can adjust your notification settings here.


How to reply to comments 

  1. Anytime you have been tagged in a comment, the next time you log into your beehiiv account you’ll see it highlighted next to Notifications in the left hand panel. (Unless you have turned these notifications off, as noted in the Pro Tip above.)

  2. Select Notifications to reveal them, then click on an individual comment and it will open the editor for that post.

  3. At the top of the post editor, click on the comments icon and they will show in the panel on the right.

  4. From the comments panel on the right, click on a comment and it will pinpoint the text that was highlighted in the post editor and reveal any threads that are attached to the comment.

  5. You can reply to a comment directly in the thread, just be sure to click on the arrow at the bottom of the comment to send it.

  6. From the panel on the right, you can use the tabs at the top to view your comments by All, Open, Resolved, or Only Yours.


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