How to create and use subscriber tags

Subscriber tags are an easy and straightforward way to segment, analyze, and interact with your audience effectively. Taking custom fields a step further, tags enable you to organize your subscriber list by tagging leads based on a variety of things, such as acquisition source, subscribers from specific posts, subscriber types, custom categories, and more. You can use subscriber tags to gain valuable insights into your audience and enhance your engagement strategies.

When to use tags vs custom fields 

Custom fields serve as invaluable tools for collecting subscriber-specific data points, such as name, age, interests, income, and more. Essentially, they allow you to create custom field values for any information subscribers choose to share with you.

For example, you can create a custom field named 'Age' and gather this data from your subscribers through surveys or manual input, populating the custom field with age data for each subscriber. Additionally, custom fields enable you to personalize your newsletters by incorporating merge tags to pull in values from fields such as 'Name,' thus addressing each subscriber by their name for a more customized experience.

Tags serve a different purpose from custom fields, focusing on internal organization rather than collecting data on subscribers. They allow you to categorize subscribers based on various criteria. 

For example, you might tag subscribers in your account who attended an in-person event as 'Newsletter Convention,' or classify family and friends who subscribe as 'Family and Friends.' Additionally, you can tag subscribers who promote your newsletter for payment as 'Affiliates,' enabling you to send targeted emails to each of these groups.

Tech Note: Only the primary account holder/owner has the authority to delete subscriber tags. Company admins can add subscriber tags but cannot delete them.


How to create subscriber tags

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Audience > Subscriber Data, then click on the Tags tab.

  2. Click the Create Tag button.

  3. A form will appear on the right. Give the tag a Name (required), designate a Color for the tag (required), or leave Default selected for the color to be automatically assigned.

    You can manually add (or paste) in specific subscriber emails to apply the tag to (there are also other places to do this that are covered below.) When finished, click on Save in the bottom right corner.

  4. Once saved, you’ll see a quick success message at the top of your screen and will be brought back to your Subscriber Data dashboard where the new tag and any others you have created are accessible. 

    Each tag will show the number of subscribers below its color. You can also Edit or Delete the tags from here by clicking on the 3 dots menu.  

  5. Additionally, you can view the tags associated with your audience by going to Audience > Subscribers. There is a column for Tags that can be viewed from your Subscribers dashboard. 


How to apply subscriber tags in bulk via segments

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Audience > Segments.

  2. Create a new segment for the subscribers you would like to add a tag to based on qualifying conditions.

  3. From the open segment, make sure you are on the Overview tab, then go to the Quick Export menu on the right. Click the arrow to reveal the options, and select Apply Tags to Subscribers.

  4. Choose the tag you’d like to apply and then click on Add.

  5. Additionally, you can filter your subscriber data by tag within a segment using the condition for Attribute > Subscriber Tags.


How to apply tags to individual subscribers 

Another way to apply tags to your subscribers is from their individual subscriber profile pages.

  1. From an opened subscriber profile page, scroll down to the Tags section and click on it.

  2. Choose a tag from the dropdown list of your available options.

  3. After adding them, you can also remove tags from here by clicking on the X.

Ways to enroll subscribers into an automation based on tags 

When creating or editing automations in your account, you can add tag conditions to any automation trigger so that only subscribers who take the enroll action and have a specific tag are enrolled.


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