How to create surveys

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Surveys are an amazingly easy way to quickly gather data from subscribers right from your newsletter. Then, you can use that data to tailor your content and further enhance the subscriber’s experience.

Not to be confused with Subscribe Forms, which only collect emails for subscription purposes, our survey form builder gives you a lot more flexibility. It lets you gather different types of subscriber data and links them with the custom fields in your account, making the possibilities endless. 

How to create a survey

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Audience > Surveys.

  2. Your Surveys dashboard will appear on the right, click on the Create Survey button found in the top right corner.

  3. You’ll be brought to the survey form builder, (looks similar to our automations builder). First, click on the Settings tab to add the main details about your survey.

    Give the new survey a Title, and enter in a Description for it. Decide what you’d like the call-to-action (CTA) to be, which is the text that will appear on the button of your form, then add a Thank You Message for once the form has been submitted.

    Review your form details and when satisfied, click the Update Survey button to save the settings.

  4. To begin building the survey, go to the Form Builder tab, then click on the Add First Question button.

  5. A form will appear for you to fill in regarding the question. Add a question to the Title field (required), then select the Question Type (required). You can choose from Short response, Multiple choice, Dropdown, or Long response

    Question type options

    Short response: A short response question type allows your readers to input a short amount of text. This option is best for things like first or last names.

    Multiple Choice: This question type allows you to create a list of options that your readers can select from using multiple choice.

    Dropdown: This question type allows you to create a list of options that your readers can select from using a dropdown menu.

    Long response: A long response question type allows your readers to input text of up to X-amount characters, where you set the maximum character limit

  6. Select a Custom Field Value (required) or Create a new one to attach the question to. We use the custom fields that you set up in your account to identify subscriber survey responses.

    Pro Tip: You can use these same custom field values to add personalization to your newsletters or to segment and filter subscribers based on their responses, and more!
  7. When the question is ready, click on the Add Question button and you’ll see your question appear in the builder.

    If you want the question to be required on your survey, toggle on the Required on form option; doing so will save the question to the form. To add more questions to your form, click on the plus sign and add more questions as desired.

  8. After each question has been added, you’ll see them load beneath each other in the survey form builder. You can rearrange the questions into the order you desire.

    In the bottom left corner of the form builder, you’ll find controls for zooming in and out, centering, and locking your form.

  9. Once you’re done adding questions, be sure to review the look of your survey. Click on Preview in the top right corner to see it as your subscribers will see it. A new tab will open with the preview of your survey.

    The fonts and colors of surveys are pulled from your Design Lab settings.

  10. When you are satisfied with the look and content of your survey, click on the Publish button found in the top right corner.

    A final confirmation message will pop up, warning you that you will not be able to edit the details of the survey once it is live. Click on the Publish button to confirm. 

  11. You'll receive a quick success message at the top of your screen, letting you know the survey was published. 

    Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 6.07.59 PM.png


Published survey form actions

After you’ve published a survey, you’ll be brought to your Surveys dashboard. Although you cannot edit a live survey, there are a number of actions you can take by clicking on the 3 dots menu for each survey, as noted in the chart below. 


Action Type

Action Output

View Settings Opens the Settings tab of the survey where you can edit the title, description, CTA, and thank-you message.
Click Update Survey to save changes.
Duplicate Copies over all of the questions in the form to a new survey that appears as a draft.
Note: Multiple choice options and response data from the survey are not included in a duplicate.
View Results Takes you to the Responses tab where the data from the survey responses is aggregated and you can view results at-a-glance.
Copy URL Copies the URL of the survey to your clipboard.
Enable as Subscribe Survey Sets the survey to appear once readers submit their email via a subscribe form.
Enable as Unsubscribe Survey Sets the survey to appear when readers click to unsubscribe from your newsletter.
Archive Unpublishes the survey so no future responses can be recorded.
Note: Any existing data from your unpublished surveys will remain stored in your account.

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