How to use Boosts Direct Links

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With Boosts Direct Links you can unlock enormous monetization potential. They are a powerful feature that enables you to promote boosts through a signup link on practically any platform, channel, community, message board, or other advertising avenue.

You can think of a Boost Direct Link as an affiliate link tailored for boosts. It directs users to the landing page of the boosted publication, attributing the signup to your publication and ensuring you receive compensation.

When a subscriber signs up through this link, they undergo the same verification process as all boosted subscribers. You will get paid the boost offer CPA per each verified subscriber you drive through your Boosts Direct Links.

Tech Note: In order to use Boosts Direct Links, you’ll need to first confirm your account with Stripe Identity Verification and then add funds to your Boosts wallet.

How to use Boosts Direct Links 

To access the Boosts Direct Links in your account, go to Monetization > Boosts > then from the Overview tab, click into a publication specific page


Here, you’ll find a Direct Link that you can copy right below the publication name and logo at the top.


Alternatively, you can also click on the Actions menu for each publication from the table and you’ll find an option to Copy Direct Link.


Simply copy this link and paste it wherever you’d like to unlock and maximize your monetization potential. Feel free to promote Boosts Direct Links on various platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack channels, Discord channels, blog posts, and numerous other avenues!

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