How to add individual or bulk subscribers into an automation

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Another choice feature of beehiiv automations is the ability to enroll subscribers in any of your active automations directly from a segment or their profile page in your account. 

This allows you to seamlessly build automated journeys and quickly add any subscribers you’d like, eliminating the need to open or adjust the workflow triggers each time you want to add someone new.

How to enroll individual subscribers into an automation

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Audience > Subscribers.

  2. Review your audience list and select the subscriber you would like to enroll in an automation, then click on their name to open their profile.

  3. Once inside a subscriber’s profile, click on the down arrow found next to Unsubscribe in the top right hand corner and select the Enroll option.

  4. A box will pop up for you to select from your active automations. Choose the automation you wish to add the subscriber to and then click the Enroll button. You can include them in as many automations as you'd like to from this point.

  5. You’ll receive a quick success message at the top of your screen confirming the subscriber was successfully enrolled.

  6. From the subscriber’s profile page, you can click on the Automations tab to see that they’ve been enrolled under the Automations Activity Feed.

    You can also go to the actual automation workflow to see that they’ve been added to the total subscribe count.


How to enroll bulk subscribers into an automation 

Enrolling bulk subscribers is different from adding individuals because it also requires setting up a segment for the automation trigger to pull from. 

      1. Open the automation that you will be adding the bulk subscribers to or create a new one, click the +Add Trigger button and select to add a Manual trigger.

      2. Set up any conditions you may need in the trigger, or choose not to add conditions. When satisfied, toggle on the option to Activate the trigger.

      3. If activated, a confirmation message will pop up for the trigger, click the Confirm button.

      4. After activating and confirming the trigger, you’ll need to click the Save button. You’ll also see that the trigger is now in color, signifying that it’s been activated.

      5. Go back to the left hand panel in your account and select Segments, then click on the Create Segment button on the right, or open the segment you would like to edit.

        Pro Tip: We recommend using a Static or Manual segment for this purpose and ensuring that it shares the same conditions as the trigger. Alternatively, you can opt not to list any conditions for your manual trigger, but a segment will still be required.
      6. From the open segment, make sure you are on the Overview tab, then go to the Quick Export menu and click the arrow to reveal the options.

      7. Click on the Add to Automation option, then select the automation that you would like to add the bulk subscribers to from your list of available options.

      8. Review your selections and then click on the Enroll button.

      9. You’ll receive a quick success message at the top of your screen upon completion.


Troubleshooting Tip: If you've created an automation workflow using the Manual trigger, remember that subscribers won't be automatically enrolled in it. You'll need to manually enroll your desired segment of users into the automation (steps 5-9). Unlike other types of triggers, Manual triggers do not automatically enroll subscribers into the workflow.

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