How to customize the placement of an ad logo

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You can join the beehiiv Ad Network as a brand or a publisher to start seeing ad opportunities in your account. Afterward, you’ll be able to choose the ads that best fit your needs each time you create a post, and now you can also customize where the sponsored logo shows up in your newsletter. 

Each ad comes with two essential parts: the ad and the sponsored logo for the ad.

Ad logo.01.png


By default, all ad logos show up in the newsletter header. You can adjust this directly in the editor using the customization icon. Here’s how: 

  • While drafting a post, add the ad opportunity by entering / to access the editor and selecting Advertisement under the Premium options.
  • Select the customization icon and choose to Insert manually placed logo.

    Ad logo.02.png

  • This will drop in an ad logo content block that you can drag and drop anywhere in the post.
  • Then, use the Preview option to see how the logo will look in various places in your post. (See examples below.) 

Example A: In the header of a post

Ad logo.03.png


Example B: In the middle of a post

Ad logo.04.png


Example C: In the footer of a post

Ad logo.05.png


For more information about the beehiiv Ad Network, check out Everything you need to know about the Ad Network plus FAQs.

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