Getting started with the hiiv community

Available on paid beehiiv plans. Click here to upgrade your account.

A key advantage of having a paid beehiiv account is the exclusive entry to our official Slack community, the hiiv, bustling with top-tier newsletter operators, collaborating for unparalleled creator success.

When in the hiiv, we encourage you to: 

  • Exchange top strategies and best practices for crafting exceptional newsletters
  • Explore suggestions and collaborate on cross-promotions
  • Cultivate valuable connections within the newsletter community
  • Exchange and review design insights collaboratively
  • Problem-solve with a knowledgeable community
  • Share achievements and celebrate milestones collectively


Watch and learn: How to join the beehiiv community


How to join and create your account in Slack 

1. Anyone on our paid plans can click here to join the hiiv

Note: You will need to use the email address associated with your beehiiv account to join the hiiv community. 

2. After clicking on the invite link, you'll be greeted by a page where you can sign up through a few different methods. Select the Continue With Email option. 


3. Input the email address you use to log into your beehiiv account and your full name. Doing so will send a confirmation email to the address you entered. 

4. Retrieve the 6-digit code from your email account and input it on the screen. 


5. If the code is successful, you’ll be redirected to our vibrant Slack community where you can jump right into engaging discussions with like minded creators. 

To get started, from the left hand panel, go to the # start-here channel. 


6. From the message area on the right hand side, you’ll find a message from our beehiiv bot. Click on the 🐝 bee emoji to verify your beehiiv subscription. 


7. Back in the left hand panel, you’ll see that all of the community channels will automatically load.

Set up your hiiv profile in Slack 

8. In the top right corner of Slack, click on the profile icon to access the menu, then select Profile


9. Add in your display name, profile photo, and contact information. Additionally, be sure to click the link below About me to add the name and URL of your beehiiv publication. This will make both the name and link of your beehiiv publication accessible to other users anytime they hover over your name. 


10. That’s it, you’re officially a member of the hiiv community! 🎉
From the left hand panel, you can check out the welcome channel to see a breakdown of all of the community’s different channels with a brief description of each.


Frequently asked questions about the hiiv 

Is there a moderator or a specified code of conduct for the hiiv?

Yes, in the hiiv we value and celebrate diversity and inclusion as pillars of our community. Our mission is to foster a safe, welcoming, and supportive space for all. By entering the hiiv, all users agree to abide by our community Code of Conduct.

Additionally, there is a team of beehiiv moderators that you can engage with in the community, or you can message someone directly by using @beehiiv in Slack.

If I downgrade my account to a Launch plan, will I still have access to the hiiv?

No, the hiiv community is only available on paid beehiiv plans. This means if you downgrade to a Launch plan you will lose access to the hiiv community. 

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