How do I change my account email?

Your beehiiv account email is the email you use to log into your account and it is also where we will send you notifications and messages regarding your account. It is different from the reply-to address of your Publications and can be changed directly from your account. 

Tech Note: It is required to have a primary email associated with your beehiiv account, so this email cannot be removed from your account (only changed). Additionally, the primary email address cannot be tied to an existing account on beehiiv.


1. Log into your account and from the left hand panel, click on Settings



2. If Settings does not open on Profile, click on it. Scroll to the Email section and click on Change Email

Change account email.png


3. A form will appear for you to enter in a new account email address, this is going to trigger a message to be sent to the old email that will need to be confirmed in order for your new email to be finalized. 

Remove the old address and replace with the new email, then click Send request

New email confirmation.png


You’ll see a quick confirmation message stating the email was sent out. 

Email verification.png


4. Go to the email account of the old address and open the email from beehiiv. Review the changes and then click on Verify in the email to confirm the new change. 

Email change request.png


Clicking Verify will open your beehiiv account where you will see a blue banner at the top of your dashboard. 

Confrim email banner.png


6. Log into the email account that the confirmation was sent to and open the email from beehiiv. Click on Verify

Verify your email.png


Clicking Verify will open your beehiiv account where you will see a new success message and the blue banner will disappear from your dashboard.

Confrimed account message.png


The updated email will now be listed under Settings > Profile > Email in your account.

Profile Email .png


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