How to contact beehiiv support

We’ve made our Knowledge Base (aka this help site) public, offering our informative support articles to anyone on the web. If you need additional help beyond what's available in our support articles, you can log into your beehiiv dashboard and submit a support ticket so that our Customer Support Specialists can assist you. 

How to submit a support ticket

1. Upon logging into your account, you can either click here to access a new support ticket and then jump to Step 4. Or, from the left panel options, click on Help. 

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2. A window will pop up on the right, click on Support Ticket at the bottom of the Help options.

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3. You’ll be presented with an expected wait time and a reminder that you can likely find answers to your questions by searching our Knowledge Base. If you’d like to continue, click on Confirm. 

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4. A form will pop up for you to submit your support ticket. First, select a Reason for reaching out from the dropdown options. Next, enter in a Subject and a Description, they are both required. 

You can add any attachments of screenshots or screen recordings that are relevant to the issue and set the priority of the request. Click on Create support ticket to submit your request.

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You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting your request. 


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