How to change automation re-entry settings

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For those that need some flexibility on how many times a subscriber can enter an automation after they qualify via a trigger, you can customize the enrollment settings within the automation workflow builder. Allowing re-entry into an automation is very useful for a variety of scenarios.

Automation re-entry examples

  • Allow subscribers to re-enter re-engagement automations each time they meet the un-engagement criteria by not opening emails for 30 days.
  • Allow subscribers to re-enter in course/live automations by signing up multiple times.
  • Allow subscribers to take advantage of lead magnets by signing up. 
  • Allow subscribers to re-enter an automation each time they take a survey and potentially take different paths within the automation based on tier response.

How to change automation re-entry settings

1. From the left panel in your account, go to Write > Automations and then open the automation that you would like to update. 

2. Once in the automation builder, click on the Settings tab found up top and go to the Re-entry Settings.

Automation enrollment settings.01.png

This is where you can edit your automation name as well as the re-entry settings.

3. Click the dropdown menu to view and select one of the options for re-entry.

Automation enrollment settings.02.png

  • No re-entry: This means subscribers will only ever be able to enter this automation once, even if they qualify for the trigger multiple times.
  • Unlimited re-entry: This means subscribers will be able to enter this automation unlimited times whenever they qualify for the trigger*.
  • Conditional re-entry: This is more customizable and allows you to select parameters around:
    • Maximum re-entries per subscriber: This is the maximum number of times a subscriber can be enrolled.
    • Cooldown Period: This is the time period after which subscribers can re-enter.
      • Time since last entering: This is the time since the subscriber last enrolled in the automation by activating the trigger.
      • Time since last completing: This is the time since the subscriber completed the previous automation, after which they would be re-enrolled.

Automation enrollment settings.03.png

Tech Note: Subscribers cannot re-enter automations while they are actively moving through it, only once they complete it. For example, if you have allowed for re-entry and a subscriber that is currently in the automation qualifies again for the trigger, they will not be entered again since they are already in the automation.


Frequently asked questions about automation re-entry settings

Can I change re-entry settings once I’ve activated the automation?

Yes, you can change an automation’s re-entry settings at any time and it will be applicable moving forward from when you make the change.

Can the same subscriber be enrolled in multiple steps of an automation simultaneously?

No, at this time subscribers can only be in one step of an automation at any given time.

What happens if I have a five step automation set to allow re-entry and a subscriber who is already in the automation at step four qualifies for the trigger again? 

If a subscriber is currently in an automation journey and qualifies for the trigger again, they will not be re-enrolled.

How do I allow for re-entry without requiring any cooldown period?

You can set your cooldown period settings to “Time since last entered is 0 minutes” if you’d like to have no time restrictions on re-entry.
Note: Even with no time limitation, subscribers won’t be re-entered if they are actively moving through an automation.

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