How to create a lead generation automation

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Lead generation (aka lead gen) is an online tactic that captures subscribers using particular resources of interest, like a free gift. A lead magnet is essentially the offer or item that is awarded for a successful lead generation. Using our robust automation feature, you can create subscriber journeys from lead magnets that will deliver resources and targeted messages to both new and existing subscribers.

How to create a lead gen automation

  1. From the left panel in your account, go to Write > Automations and then either open a saved automation or create a new one.
  2. Select the Email Submitted trigger. 

Lead gen.01.png

This trigger will allow you to enter both new subscribers and existing subscribers who want access to your lead-gen resource

Pro Tip: If you’d only like new subscribers to enter, you should use a Signed Up trigger and specify the embed source as the condition.


  1. Select the specific subscribe form that is on the lead gen web page from the dropdown for the Email Submitted trigger. 

Lead gen.02.png

You can also add any other optional conditions to the trigger, then click Save when done. 

  1. Select the Send Email option to arrange to deliver your asset.

Lead gen.03.png

This is where you can add the link or attachment of the lead gen resource and any additional information you’d like to.

You can also continue to expand this automation to be more robust by sending multiple items across many messages over a period of time, or updating the subscription to a custom field specific to the lead gen asset, and many more possibilities.


Additional notes about using a lead gen automation

  • Using the Email Submitted trigger allows both new and existing subscribers to enter an automation by submitting their email via a subscribe form.
    • Subscribers can only enter this type of automation once.
  • For new subscribers, a subscription will also be created, while for existing subscribers, nothing will be impacted by submitting their email via the subscribe form.
  • If you’d like to create an automation based on survey form responses, read this article.

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