How to get started with the Ad Network

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Using the Ad Network as a publisher or brand

With the powerful beehiiv Ad Network, you can easily accept, send, and get paid for sending advertisements that are relevant to your subscribers in your newsletters. This massive monetization opportunity is available to everyone on our paid plans.

To get started with the Ad Network, click on this link and select if you would like to see ad opportunities as a publisher or a brand. As a publisher, you would be featuring ads created by brands, whereas as a brand, you would be creating ads for publishers. After you get going in the Ad Network, you can choose to be both a brand and a publisher, but to get started you’ll need to select one. For this article, we will look at being a publisher.

Watch a quick video on the Ad Network 


How to connect to the Ad Network as a publisher

1. To view available ad opportunities, log in to your beehiiv account and from the panel on the left, select Monetization > Ads. 

Here you will see your main ad dashboard where you can view pending ad opportunities found underneath the calendar.

Ad Network.01.png

Note: Ad opportunities are provisioned automatically in our platform based on available campaigns, your previous ad performance, your publication audience, the brand’s target demographic, and a variety of other factors. You are not guaranteed to have ads available at all times or at all, as there may be no ad campaigns in our network that align with your publication.

2. Click View details and respond on a pending ad opportunity to view more details and to accept and schedule it.

Ad Network.02.png

With each ad opportunity, you’ll get access to:

  • The CPC per unique click for the ad
  • Select any one day within the available ad campaign dates to schedule the ad send

Once you’ve selected a date, you can accept the ad opportunity by clicking Review and accept, or you can reject the opportunity. 


3. After you’ve accepted the ad opportunity, you can view the available ad copy. Some ads will have multiple versions that you can choose from, so you just need to select the one that best fits your newsletter.

Ad Network.03.png

You can also preview each one to see how they would look in your newsletter.

Ad Network.04.png

Once you’ve previewed your ad choices, select the one you’d like to use. 

Ad Network.05.png

4. After you’ve selected a date and version of the ad to run, click on the Review and Select button to lock it in. You’ll see an estimated payout and the details of the ad.

Ad Network.06.png

5. Finally, to add the advertisement to your post, open one of your newsletters and then go to the editor and start typing “/advertisement” to see your advertisement options. Click on Advertisement.

Ad Network.07.png

6. You’ll see the specific ads you’ve previously accepted as options, choose one.  

Ad Network.08.png

Once selected, this is how it will show up in your editor: 
Ad Network.09.png

Enjoy the rapid monetization opportunities with the beehiiv Ad Network!

Read this article for more detailed instructions on placing an ad in your newsletter. 


Important things to remember after placing an ad in your post 

  • You cannot edit any advertisements at this time. However, you are always welcome to add more custom content above or below the ad block.
  • Don’t forget to schedule your post for the selected ad date in order to get paid for running the campaign. 
  • You will get paid for any unique clicks within 72 hours from when you send the post.
  • After the 72 hour window ends, you’ll receive an email confirming your total payout and receive funds 30 days later.


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