Ad Network FAQ

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The beehiiv Ad Network is your ticket to earning revenue by showcasing premium ads in your newsletter. As a publisher, anyone on a paid plan (Scale or higher) will be invited to any relevant Ad Network opportunities. If you’d like to advertise your brand, or grow your newsletter through paid ads, you can also reach out to us to set up a campaign.

Monetizing your newsletter with ad placements is one of the most lucrative ways to increase the value that you provide to your subscribers. The best part is that beehiiv handles everything — from sourcing advertisers, offering ad opportunities, delivering ad creatives (images, copy, links), and presenting performance reports, to managing payments.

This allows content creators like yourself to concentrate on crafting exceptional newsletters while we secure premium sponsors and a fresh revenue stream for you. It’s akin to having your dedicated ad sales team at your service!


FAQ about the Ad Network

Qualifications and common questions

How do I join or access the Ad Network?

The Ad Network is available to anyone on the Scale plan or above, who is actively sending on beehiiv. We'll start sending you relevant ad opportunities as we have them!

When should I expect to receive ad opportunities after joining?

New ad opportunities that are relevant to your publication will be automatically added to your account, you can view them anytime from your Ad Network dashboard.

There’s no need to reach out to us about this because you'll always be included whenever new ad opportunities arise. Our aim in expanding the Ad Network is to ensure all publishers consistently have opportunities to fill their entire ad inventory.

Will I be able to pick and choose the ads that I want to include?

Absolutely! You always have the flexibility to decide whether to include an ad when an opportunity arises. When presented with multiple opportunities, you're empowered to choose which ads you'd like to run, and when, as well as those you wish to decline.

The more ads you accept and run, the more data we gather to provide you with better opportunities down the line.

How much money can I earn from the Ad Network?

All beehiiv ad campaign payouts are based on CPC. 

CPC, short for cost per click, is based on the number of unique clicks that the sponsored links in your send receive. For example, if the CPC for a campaign is $2 and you include an ad in your newsletter that receives 100 verified unique clicks, your payout would be 100 x $2, or $200. 

What constitutes a verified unique click?

When a publisher runs an ad from the beehiiv Ad Network, we run those clicks through an extra set of verifications to ensure that the brand is only paying for the highest quality clicks. When doing so, we often are able to identify additional potential bot, fraud, non-unique clicks, or clicks that result in a user bouncing immediately from the landing page.

These verifications may result in a lower number of unique clicks than the original post-metrics shared. The purpose of this extra verification process is to enable us to build long term partnerships between your newsletter and our advertising partners, resulting in more revenue driven to you over the lifetime of the relationship.

How will I know if an ad is performing well? 

Some ads will perform better than others in your newsletters. Running ads can help you figure out what types of ads and brands resonate with your audience. And as you run more ads through the Ad Network, you’ll see your earnings begin to compound over time.

Hint: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We check the performance of the ad 72 hours after the send goes out. 

Is the expected payout a guaranteed amount?

It is not a guaranteed amount, but rather an estimate based on historical email performance for your newsletter and from prior campaigns we’ve run through the beehiiv Ad Network. Just remember that some ads will perform better than others, and your payment will depend on the performance. 

Am I qualified to receive ad opportunities on beehiiv?

The beehiiv Ad Network is accessible to users on the Scale plan or above. If you're an active Scale plan user, you're eligible to receive ad opportunities.

How many ad opportunities am I guaranteed? 

Eligible publishers are guaranteed to receive a minimum of one ad opportunity per billing cycle. If your newsletter delivers quality results for our advertising partners, you will continue to receive ad opportunities more frequently. 

Is there an upper limit to the number of ad opportunities I can receive? 

No. If your newsletter produces quality results for our advertising partners, we will continue to send you a larger volume of diverse ad opportunities. 

Why don’t I have any available ad opportunities showing in my dashboard? 

You are guaranteed a minimum of one ad placement per billing cycle. It’s possible you already received and accepted the ad opportunity within the billing cycle which has expired, or are scheduled to receive one shortly. If you believe you haven’t received an ad placement within a full billing cycle, please contact our customer support. 

How do I run the ads in my newsletter?

First, you need to accept the ad opportunity in your Ad Dashboard and schedule a date. Then, from within the editor you can select an ad by typing /Ads and then insert the placement into your newsletter. You can read the full documentation here or watch the video tutorial below. 

What if I don’t like the ad opportunities I’ve received? 

We have dozens of active campaigns and do our best to match these to newsletters who fit the target audience and interests these advertisers are trying to reach. We cannot guarantee that you’ll absolutely love each and every company who’s ad opportunity we send you. However, when rejecting ad opportunities you can provide some reasoning and context and we will do our best to serve you.

What happens if an ad is run a day or two late, early, or delayed due to timezone issues?

Even if an ad is run late, early, or delayed due to timezone issues, the user's ad is still tracked and paid accordingly as long as it is sent within the timeframe of the campaign.


Ad placement and setup info 

How do I include an ad in my newsletter? 

For a quick overview of the Ad Network that shows you how to select and place ads, you can watch this video.

Additionally, you can follow the written instructions for getting started with the Ad Network found in this article.

Where do I put the ad in my newsletter?

You can place an ad anywhere you’d like in the newsletter. For primary placements, you’ll find the advertiser logo at the top of the email as well. Here is a sample ad mockup.

Each ad opportunity may have multiple creative options to choose from. Choose the one that you think your audience will react best to. Remember, the better aligned the ad is to your audience, the more clicks it will drive and thus more money earned.

Can I change the placement of the advertisement logo in my post? 

Yes, you can. By default, all ad logos show up in the newsletter header, but you can adjust this directly in the editor using the customization icon. Refer to this article for more details on customizing ad logos. 

How far in advance can I schedule an ad?

Ads can only be scheduled for the next 30 days. You cannot schedule an ad placement for more than 30 days in advance, even if it’s within the overall ad campaign window.

Can I run other ads in the same newsletter outside of the one beehiiv presented?

Yes, you can. However, the beehiiv ad should be the primary ad in your newsletter. Also, keep in mind that including too many ads in your newsletter can negatively impact deliverability and email engagement.

What if I don’t like the advertiser, do I need to run it?

No, you don’t. With beehiiv, you always have full discretion on whether or not you want to move forward with an ad placement. Some ad opportunities might not be the right fit for your newsletter and your audience, and that’s fine. There is no requirement to run the ad. 

How do I get included in an ad opportunity?

We use target audience guidance from advertisers to ensure you only receive relevant opportunities that are a good match. Whenever an ad campaign launches that your newsletter might be a good fit for, we’ll send you an invitation to join that campaign.

What are the different versions of the ad presented? 

The advertisers we partner with provide multiple versions of their ad placement. We know that the tone and content of an ad are important to our publishers, so we provide you with multiple versions of the ad, so you can pick the one that best fits your audience and newsletter.

Can I run the ad more than once?

You can schedule each ad opportunity for one date. If the ad performs well, we’ll send you a new opportunity to run the ad. You will only get paid for each ad placement once, unless you are invited to run that ad again.

Can I run the same ad several times in the same newsletter?

Yes, you can. However, we don’t recommend that you do. Including the ad more than once can negatively impact your deliverability and audience engagement.

What should I do if I forgot to run an ad or need to change the date of an upcoming ad?

If you miss the scheduled date for an ad or realize within 24 hours of its scheduled run that you need to make changes, you won't be able to update the date directly. In such cases, you'll need to wait for a new ad opportunity to be delivered to your publication. Alternatively, you can choose to use a different ad to fill the slot in question.

Is it possible to adjust the creative in an Ad Network campaign?

At present, editing the copy, creative, or format of an ad campaign isn't available. We're actively working on enhancing this capability for publishers, recognizing the importance of aligning ads with your preferred format.

Where can I see the performance or my ad?

You can access all campaign analytics through your Ads dashboard. You’ll also receive an email that includes a link to the complete analytics for that specific campaign.


Getting Paid

How do payments work for the Ad Network?

When your Ad Network campaign runs, we monitor all eligible unique clicks generated by the campaign within the first 72 hours of the ad being delivered to your audience. Subsequently, 96 hours after you send the newsletter, you'll receive a comprehensive report detailing the click breakdown, earnings, and payment status. 

How do I receive payment from my ad placement?

We use Stripe as our main payment processing partner. You will need to first go through the Stripe Identity Verification, then your payments will be processed through Stripe using your beehiiv wallet

For certain accounts, we utilize Mercury to process payments. In such cases, you'll receive an invitation from Brian Schneider to set up your account.

Payouts are sent on the 20th of each month for the prior months ad units. For example, on February 20th you would be paid out for all January ad revenue earned.

Do I have to use Stripe to get paid?

Effective April 1st, 2024, it will be required to have a Stripe Express account setup in order to run ads within the Ad Network. 

Can I wait to get paid in April via Stripe instead of Mercury?

Unfortunately, payments requested through Mercury must be processed via Mercury and cannot be redirected to Stripe or transferred directly into your beehiiv wallet. Payments are disbursed directly to your designated account using your preferred method (ACH, check, international wire, etc.), bypassing the beehiiv wallet entirely.

How do I set up my payment account in beehiiv?

To set up your Stripe Express account for the Ad Network (and Boosts), go to the Payment Accounts area in your account to get started.

Why do I need to connect my Stripe Express account?

We use Stripe Express to seamlessly transfer your earnings directly into your wallet on the 20th each month for the prior month's earnings. You can choose to withdraw funds from your wallet at any time, without paying any sort of fee or transfer cost.

Where can I find a breakdown of all payments for ads?

You can view all of your campaign metrics and analytics directly from your account’s Ads dashboard.


Additional details about the Ad Network

Do I have to provide any ad reporting to beehiiv?

Nope! We’ll use the powerful beehiiv reporting tools to see how many clicks the sponsored links received, and then use that to calculate payout. There’s nothing you need to do. However, if you are interested in seeing how any of your ad placements performed, you can go to the sponsored send, and see how many clicks the sponsored links received. 

Can I work with my own advertisers if I am in the Ad Network?

Yes you can! We don’t require exclusivity to be in the Ad Network. You can run ads through the beehiiv Ad Network and also continue to work with other ad partners or source ad deals yourself. 

Can I run ads provided by beehiiv and also monetize my newsletter in other ways?

Absolutely! You can use premium subscriptions or Boosts to earn revenue too! 

Why is the reporting for my ad placements different from what I see in the post reporting?

For all of our ad placements, we run the metrics through additional layers of verification to remove any bot clicks and fraudulent clicks. This is why the metrics for the ads can be different when looking at ad reporting vs. the post reporting.

Can you provide translated copy for a non-English newsletter?

No, we currently don't offer translated text, but it's on our roadmap for future updates.

How do I test Ad Network Magic Links? 

For Ad Network campaigns that utilize Magic Links (1-click subscribe links) to sign readers up, the link will function correctly for subscribers in your live newsletter but not in test previews.

To test these links, send a test email to a subscribed account and click through from your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). 

For reference, you may encounter this error message during testing, but please note that it isn't a cause for concern.


However, if you or other users encounter this error message during testing, please contact our support team directly.

What types of publishers does the beehiiv Ad Network work best for?

  • Publishers that are interested in monetizing through ads but don’t have an ad sales team or know who to reach out to for advertising opportunities are perfect for the Ad Network. We will do all the heavy lifting for you — from finding you ad opportunities to providing you the necessary assets and even handling reporting back to the advertiser. beehiiv will be like your external ad sales team.
  • Publishers who work with advertisers directly but have some open ad slots or remnant inventory can also utilize the Ad Network. If you have specific dates for which you can’t find ad sponsors, you can plug beehiiv ads in on those dates. This prevents you from having to send out an email without an ad, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to monetize.
  • If you’ve had an advertiser fall through or have a gap to fill, instead of scrambling for a last minute advertiser or having to run an email without an ad, you can easily plug in an appropriate ad for your newsletter through the Ad Network.
  • If you're interested in advertising in beehiiv newsletters through the Ad Network, please complete this form. Our team will then review your submission and reach out to discuss further.

How do I cancel or change an ad opportunity?

If you've accepted an ad opportunity but are unable to run the ad on the scheduled date, you can postpone it by updating the date to a suitable alternative. If you do not wish to run the ad at all, there is no action you need to take. (Note: You will be unable to reschedule the ad if its original scheduled date has passed.)

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