How to use the Wait Until node

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The Wait Until node allows you to specify days of the week and specific times that your automations will fire. This is really useful when you want to ensure that your automation emails are sent at days and times that are optimal for your subscriber engagement. For example, you can schedule an automation email to be sent every Wednesday at 5:00 am CT to your select subscribers. 

Or if you already have a regular time delay attached to a node, when you add additional delays to events following the Wait Until node, these delays will stack on top of the Wait Until delay. In simple terms, if your Wait Until delay is set for 5:00 am CT every day, and the subsequent message node includes a "Wait for 10 minutes," your message will be sent at 5:10 am CT every day.

How to set up a Wait Until node in an automation

1. From the left panel in your account, go to Write > Automations and then either create a new automation or open a workflow that you would like to update. 

2. Once in the workflow builder, you’ll see your Actions menu on the left. You can also collapse this menu at any time by clicking on the arrow icon. 

Under Delays, select the Wait Until option, then drag and place it in your workflow under the event you would like to activate at a specific day/time.

 3. After you add it to the workflow, click on the configure step icon found in the right corner of the Wait Until node.


4. The node form will appear on the left. You’ll need to specify the day of week, time of day, and time zone that you would like subscribers to wait until. 


Day of week 

  • Any day of the week: This will trigger the event at the specified time on any day when the subscriber qualifies (for example, at 5:00 am every day).
  • Specific day(s): This will trigger the event only on the specified day(s) of the week at the specified time (for example, at 5:00 am every Wednesday).

Time of day 

You can set the hour and the minute of the time that the event should trigger at.


  • Default timezone: This will default to whichever timezone your account is set to and will send at that time for everyone.
  • Timezone of the subscriber: This will send the email at the specified time in the local timezone of the subscriber based on their location.
  • Specific timezone: This will allow you to select a timezone from our menu.


5. Review your selections to make sure the specified day(s), time of day, and timezone are correct, click on Save to confirm them. 

6. Once saved, the Wait Until node will be visible in your workflow. 


7. When you are ready to activate the Wait Until node, go back to the configure step icon found in the right corner of the node in the workflow and click on it. 


8. The node form will again open on the left. Toggle the Activate option on and then click Save


9. Once activated, the node will change to color in your workflow. To deactivate it at any time, repeat steps 7 and 8, except toggle the node off before saving. 

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