How to use Email Boosts

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There are 2 types of beehiiv Boosts: Email Boosts and Web Boosts. Email Boosts can be inserted directly into your newsletter posts, offering rapid and high-quality growth potential for monetization. Whereas, Web Boosts are showcased on the recommendations widget within the signup flow, encouraging acquisition through new sign-ups. 

The main difference being in who they are for; Web Boosts help you target new audiences, meanwhile Email Boosts tap into the existing subscriber bases of the boosted publications. To ensure you always receive applications from publications that you trust, only publications that you’ve already approved for Web boosts will be able to request Email boosts. 

With Email Boosts, you can utilize them on both sides of the Boosts marketplace:

  • Grow side users can enable their boost offers in posts to maximize growth by tapping into the existing subscriber bases of boosting publications.
  • Monetization side users can send boosts in their posts to maximize monetization potential by attracting high-quality subscribers from their own subscriber base.
Tech Note: In order to use Email Boosts, you’ll need to first confirm your account with Stripe Identity Verification and then add funds to your Boosts wallet.

How to get started with Email Boosts on the Grow side

When you create a new Boosts offer, the option to allow Email Boosts is found with Step 3 of the form, and the following info is for doing this. For instructions on joining Boosts on the Grow site and creating your first offer, refer to this article.  

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Grow > Boosts, then either click the button to create a new offer or select to edit your existing offer.

  2. On the Boosts offer form, complete Steps 1 and 2, then move to Step 3: Allow Email Boosts (optional).

  3. Toggle on the option to Enable Email Boost channel, enter your Max Spend amount, and then click Create to finalize.
    In Step 3 of the Boosts offer form you can:
  • Toggle on/off Email Boosts for your offer
    • This is what enables your offer to be available to send in other’s posts.
    • This will be visible to others in the marketplace and to publications currently boosting you.
  • Set a Max Spend for Email Boosts
    • Your Max Spend is the maximum you would pay to any boosting publication for sending your boost in their post, regardless of how many times they send your boost or how many subscribers they acquire.

Note: Your actual total spend for Email Boosts will always be the lesser of your CPA X Subscribers Acquired and your Max Spend.

Applications tab

Once you have a live Boosts offer, you can then review Email Boost applications from publications looking to send your boost in their posts. To see these, go to your Boosts dashboard and click on the Applications tab, and then view the Email Applications section.

Here, you can view each application by clicking on Review. If you would like to approve the Email Boost, you’ll need to confirm this by clicking on the I understand button. 

When approving Email Boost requests, please note:

  • Once you approve an Email Boost, there is no option to go back, disable, or pause the boosting publications, so make sure it’s a publication you trust.
  • Your Max Spend will be pulled into escrow for 72 hours after approval, this is the window in which boosting publications can get paid for any subscriber acquisitions from post sends.
  • After the 72 hour window, if your Max Spend is higher than the actual CPA X Subscribers Acquired, that difference will be returned to your account while the remaining will stay in a “Pending” status for 2-21 days during subscriber verification. 
  • Reminder: Your total spend will never exceed your Max Spend.

Insights tab 

Use the Insights tab of your Boosts dashboard to monitor the overall growth from both Email and Web Boosts combined.

Offer History tab

Also from your Boosts dashboard, you can monitor the performance of your Email Boosts from the Offer History tab.


How to get started with Email Boosts on the Monetize side

Tech Note: You can only apply to Email Boosts for publications for which you’ve already been approved for Web Boosts.
  1. Before you can start using Email Boosts for monetization, you must be approved for Web Boosts. To apply for Web Boosts, go to your Boosts Marketplace and start exploring the offers.

    Each offer card features the publication name and description at the top, followed by tags for their Target Audience. Under the tags you’ll find the Boost Types Available with icons for the available Email Boosts and/or Web Boosts with info on the max you can earn per send.

  2. Click the Apply button to apply to the boosts you are interested in. Once you are approved for Web Boosts for a publication, you'll receive a notification in-app and your boost status will change from pending to live.

  3. Afterward, head back to your Boosts dashboard where on the Overview tab you’ll see all of the offers that have Email Boosts enabled at the top with a button for Apply to Email Boost.

    Reminder: Publication offers that either don't have Email Boosts enabled or have not yet approved your Web Boost will not be featured here. 

When submitting send requests, please note:

  • You’ll have 72 hours after the approval of your request to get paid for any subscribers driven via post sends, so check back regularly on your application status.
  • To help keep track of this deadline, in the post editor you’ll see a “Send by” date and time in your “Email” tab.
  • Your max payout will never exceed the “Max Payout” displayed on the offer and will be the lesser of the CPA X subscribers driven and the max payout amount.
  • After your Email Boost application is approved, you’ll get a notification in-app and an email. 
  • Then you’ll have 72 hours from when your application is approved to send the boost in a post and earn money for any subscribers acquired. 

From your Boosts dashboard, you can view all live and ended Email Boosts as well as the performance of each send from the Email Boost tab.


How to add an Email Boost to your newsletter

You can only add active Email Boosts to posts/newsletters. To do so, while creating a post, type “/Boost” (or find “Boost” under the “Premium” menu).


Untitled (45).png


Select the boost that you’d like to add to your post (only active Email Boosts within the 72-hour sending window will show up here).


Untitled (46).png


This is how an Email Boosts will look in a post.


Untitled (47).png


Important things to note when sending boosts in posts

  • You can send each boost in your posts as many times as you’d like, but you will only get paid for subscribers acquired within the 72-hour window from approval.
  • You will not get paid for any subscribers that sign up after the send by date.
  • If you publish your post online, your boost will still be displayed on the web post, and subscribers will still be able to sign up, but you will only get paid for those inside the 72-hour window.

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