How to use Branch nodes in automations

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Branch nodes allow you to create more robust automations by setting multiple paths in an automated journey based on whether certain conditions are met or not.

How to add a Branch node to an automation

1. From the left panel in your account, go to Write > Automations and then either create a new automation or open an automation that you would like to update. 

2. Once in the automation builder, place the Branch node action after any trigger/step that you’d like to segment your subscribers into two separate paths based on a condition.

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3. Specify the condition for the Branch node by selecting Edit Conditions and configuring the condition for which the two branches will be created.

  • Yes signifies the condition is met
  • No signifies the condition is not met

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4. Select Save to complete the step and then continue to build out different steps/actions for each path.

Pro Tip: You can have multiple Branch nodes within an automation, as well as multiple conditions within the same Branch node.


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