Add Custom Redirect After Survey Form Submission

  1. Add Google Tag Manager to your beehiiv Account
  2. Find the URL of the Survey Form where you'd like to redirect users upon submission:Screenshot
  3. Create a new trigger in Google Tag Manager
    1. Type: "Click - All Elements"
    2. Toggle the selection for "Some Clicks"
    3. Add Filters for:
      1. Click text equals: "Continue"
      2. Page URL contains: [Your survey form URL]
    4. Name the trigger something descriptive like "Click Continue on Survey Form"
  4. Create a new tag in Google Tag Manager
    1. Type Custom HTML
    2. In the field paste the following code. Replace "[redirect URL]" with the URL of the page to which you want to redirect users
      1. <script>
        window.location.href="[redirect URL]"
    3. Under Trigger select the trigger you created in Step 3.
    4. Give this tag a name like "Survey Form Redirect" and click save
  5. Publish your changes and test the setup by submitting tests in your form and clicking the continue button.

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