How can subscribers view and sign up for all of my publications at once?

If you have multiple publications, you can add all of them to a “multi-pub” page on your site + subscribe flow so that subscribers can opt-in to all of your publications at once!


Here is how to set up the “multi-pub” page for your subscribe flow + site:

  1. Go to Settings –> Website –> Advanced –> and scroll down to the “Multi-Publications” section
  2. Select and add the publications you’d like to feature on this page (Note: You can only add publications within that company account)


  1. Scroll up to the “Subscribe Flow” section and toggle on your “multi-pub page”



While you can’t currently customize your “multi-pub” page, you can add/remove publications at any time. Here is how the page appears:



This will automatically show in your subscribe flow and also live under your site’s menu. We look forward to seeing all of your publications grow!



Can I customize the multi-pub page’s appearance?

Not currently. We are always open to hearing feedback from our users and may roll out more customization options in the future.


Can I change the order in which the multi-pub page appears?

Not at the moment. We have a default subscribe flow order that is optimized for the subscriber experience, but we may offer more customization here in the future.


Can I have this page be the default sign-up page for my publications?

Currently, no. We recommend users have dedicated sign-up pages for each individual publication, but we may consider this for future product updates.

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