How do I create an author page?

All beehiiv sites will now have an “Authors” page available in the top right menu.




While this page is not currently customizable, it will automatically populate with all of the team members of your publication that have published a post, pulling in their profile picture and name.




You can also click on an author to view their individual page that pulls in their Twitter account and all published posts.





Can I customize the layout of my author page?

Not currently. This is a default page that automatically pulls in the names + photos from your team’s profiles and related posts/author tags.


How do I change my photo on the author page?

The author photo is generated from Settings –> Profile –> click on your profile picture to upload a new photo.


Can I highlight featured posts per author?

Not at the moment. Posts and their related author tags are automatically pulled in order of most recently published.

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