How do I gate individual content sections within my post?

With our content-gating feature, you can set permissions for sections of your posts to be visible only to certain subscriber types including:

  • Free subscribers
  • Paid subscribers
  • Those that have reached a certain referral count
  • Anonymous viewers on Web


To gate sections of your content, click the “+” menu in the text editor, then select “Visibility,” and toggle on or off whichever subscriber types that you would like to show this section to.


This is perfect for many use cases, from hiding ads from paid subscribers to hiding premium content from free subscribers–all within a single post that you can send to your entire list.



How do I preview my post to see how it appears for each subscriber type?

You can search for a specific subscriber that you know falls under one of the subscriber types (Paid, Free, Referral milestone) and preview them to see how it would look for all subscribers in that category. Currently, we don’t provide default viewing by subscriber category type.


Why are some options available or not available at different times?

In order to reduce confusion, we have the following parameters set for different visibility combinations:

  • If you choose to not show on the Web, it hides the Anonymous user option. 
  • If you choose to not show to free/premium subscribers, (aka only show to Anonymous viewers on Web) then it hides the referral count option.

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