How do I require readers to request access to my publication?

Whether you have a public or private newsletter, you can now require new subscribers to request access to join your mailing list, instead of simply joining the list after entering their email. This is a huge unlock for anyone looking to build exclusive communities for their newsletters.


Here’s how to set up subscriber requests:

  1. To require new subscribers to request to join your list, you can go to Settings → Publication → General tab and toggle on “Require Subscriber Approval.”



  1. This turns your subscribe form into a subscribe request form and informs readers who visit your site that they can request access to your publication by entering their email.


Note: The rest of your subscribe flow will remain as is, so subscribers who request approval will still be taken through any forms, recommendations, boosts, etc.


  1. When new subscribers enter their email into the subscribe request form, they will show up in your subscriber list with the call to action “Needs Attention.”



  1. You can approve or deny subscribers by clicking into their subscriber page and selecting the desired action from the dropdown menu.


Note: Subscribers will receive an email notification when you approve them


  1. You can also sort your subscriber list by Status now to make it easier to see all subscribers who are awaiting approval.


Once you approve a subscriber, they will be added to your mailing list and receive access to your site and publication. You can deny, unsubscribe, and delete people from your list at any time. 

We're excited to see the exclusive publications and communities that you build!



Can I set up subscriber requests for both public and private newsletters?

Yes, you can set this up for both private and public newsletters. 


Can I create subscriber requests for just the premium tier of my publication?

No; currently, toggling on subscriber requests will apply to all tiers of your publication. We are working to add more capabilities within this feature in the future.


How do recommendations work if I require subscriber approval?

You will still be able to be recommended by other publications, and other publications can still recommend you. There will be a note indicating that your publication requires approval when other publications recommend you.

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