How to make your publication or post private

Private newsletters let you tailor access to a preferred list of subscribers, making them ideal for sending internal updates to investors or employees, monetizing your newsletter, and much more. With beehiiv, you can further customize access to your publication by adjusting the privacy settings for each individual post.

How to make your beehiiv publication private

  1. From the left panel Dashboard, scroll to the bottom and click on Settings.

  2. From Settings, click on Publication in the left panel.

  3. Your Publication settings will open on the General tab. Scroll down to find Private Publication, then toggle the option on so that it shows as checked.

  4. With this option enabled, when any non-subscribers land on your site or posts, they will see a default message indicating that it is a private newsletter that they cannot access without being invited or subscribed. If any subscribers land on your publication website or posts, they will be able to access it per usual.

Pro Tip: If you would like to allow non-subscribers to be able to request access to your private newsletter, check out this article on how to set up subscriber requests.

How to make a post private or only available to select subscribers 

  1. Open a saved post or click on Start Writing from your Dashboard.

  2. Access the post editor on the right side, it will automatically open the Post tab. Click on the Delivery tab instead.
    In Delivery, you’ll have options to customize your audience by Email Recipients, Segments, and Web Access.

  3. For Email Recipients, you can choose between sending to your Free or Premium subscribers.

  4. To send to specific segments, click on Select a Segment and choose from your segments.

  5. Each segment you select will show under Included Segments (as well as the summary at the bottom). If you wish to remove a segment, click the trash icon.

  6. For Web Access, you can choose between sending to your Free or Premium subscribers.

  7. Scroll down to see a Summary of the audiences you selected for the post.


Pro Tip: If you would like to hide private posts from your feed, go to the Post tab while in Edit mode and toggle on the Hide from feed option. You can update this setting at any time, even after the post has been published.


Frequently asked questions about private newsletters

Can I make my private newsletter public at any time and vice versa?

Yes, when you make a publication private, all posts will be put behind an email gate that will make them accessible only to authenticated subscribers. When you switch the publication back to public, this gating will be removed.

Can I make just the premium tier of my newsletter private?

No, the private or public toggle applies to all tiers of the publication. If you’d like to run separate public and private publications, the number of publications you can have on one account varies by what plan you are on. 

  • Launch and Scale plans can add up to 3 publications.
  • Max plans can add up to 10 publications.
  • Enterprise plans can add a custom number of publications.

Interested in adding more publications to your account? Click here to upgrade. You can learn more about how to add more publications here.

Can I still recommend other newsletters if my newsletter is private? 

No, once your newsletter is private, you will not be able to recommend any other newsletters.

Can other newsletters still recommend me if my newsletter is private? 

No, after you make your newsletter private, your publication will not be visible in our marketplace for any other publications to recommend you.

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