How do I set up a private newsletter?

Private newsletters allow you to customize access to your newsletter & content to an exclusive list of subscribers. This is perfect for anyone looking to send internal newsletters to investors, employees, organizations, and more!

In order to make your newsletter private, go to Settings → Publication → General tab and toggle on “Private Publication.”


  • This removes all subscribe forms from your posts and website, so that nobody can publicly access/sign up to your newsletter.
  • This will automatically put all of your web posts behind a content gate, so they’re only visible to authenticated subscribers. 
    • If any non-subscribers land on your site or posts, they will see a default message indicating that this is a private newsletter that they cannot access
    • If any subscribers land on your site or posts, they will be able to access it per usual



  1. If you would like to send private posts only via email and not have web version, you can go into the “Delivery” tab in the text editor and select where the post will be distributed:


Note: This setting cannot be changed once the post is published.


  1. If you would like to remove private posts from being visible on your feed, you can go into each post in Edit mode and toggle on “Hide from feed” under the “Post” tab.


Note: You can change this at any time after the post is published.


  1. If you would like to allow non-subscribers to be able to request access to your private newsletter, check out this article on how to set up subscriber requests.




Can I make my private newsletter public at any time and vice versa?

Yes, when you make a publication private, all posts will be put behind an email gate that will make them accessible only to authenticated subscribers. When you switch the publication back to public, this gating will be removed.


Can I make just the premium tier of my newsletter private?

No, currently the private or public toggle applies to all tiers of the publication. You can have up to 3 publications within one account if you’d like to run separate public and private publications.


Can I still recommend other newsletters if my newsletter is private? 

No, once your newsletter is private, you will not be able to recommend any other newsletters.


Can other newsletters still recommend me if my newsletter is private? 

No, after you make your newsletter private, your publication will not be visible in our marketplace for any other publications to recommend you.

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