How do I add and customize borders around sections?


To add borders around specific sections in your post:

  1. Highlight all of the content you want to group together within a border 
  2. Use the sections menu and click “Group to section”

  1. Click the six dots icon next to your section, and then choose “Visual settings” to customize the section’s:
    • Spacing
    • Border
    • Background Color
    • Text Color


  1. Customize your border style:
    • Radius (to make the edges more or less curved)
    • Thickness
    • Style
    • Color


  1. Customize the spacing of your border:
    • Inner spacing is the space between the text content in the grouping and the top and bottom of the border
    • Outer spacing is the space above and below each grouping


  1. Advanced: you can click the icon next to the spacing option to customize spacing for all four sides (if you want to have different padding on the top vs bottom or left vs right):



  1. Advanced (continued): you can also click the icon next to the borders option to customize the radius & thickness of the border for each side/corner:


End result:


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