How to add and customize columns

When creating a post in your beehiiv account, it’s easy to add multiple columns to display your newsletter content. You can watch this quick video tutorial for guidance, or follow the written instructions below. 

Watch and learn: Columns


Disclaimer: The beehiiv platform has evolved since the filming of this video, so parts of the user interface featured in the video will be slightly different than what you see in your account. In particular, when accessing a post in your account to feature columns, you would click on Posts from the left hand panel and then select either a new or saved post, as outlined below. 


How to add and customize columns

  1. From the left hand panel in your account, go to Posts.

  2. You can either select to edit one of your saved posts, or click on the Start Writing button to enter the post editor.

  3. Type / to access the post editor and then select Columns under the options for Basics.

  4. The standard 2 columns will appear in your post. To change the number of columns or spacing of them, click on the edit icon above the columns and adjust them accordingly.

  5. You can feature up to 3 columns and customize the width of each left, middle, or right column. This is also where you can choose to have the columns stack during mobile viewing by toggling this option on or off.

  6. You can then further customize the look of your columns by clicking on the 6-dots menu found on the left, where you can also reset, duplicate, or delete them.

    Additionally, you can click on Visual settings to adjust the border, text, or background colors of your columns, or set them as anchors.


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