How to use your Gmail profile to send your beehiiv publications

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Important notes about this video 

As part of our beehiiv Growth video series, this tutorial shows Gmail users how to ensure that your Google Workspace (GW) profile picture is sent with your beehiiv publications, which helps to maintain your brand identity. 

Since filming this video, some functional aspects of GW have changed, so we have added a few additional steps below the video that should be followed in tandem with the video instructions. The beehiiv platform has also evolved since the filming of this video, so parts of the user interface will be slightly different that what you see in your account. 

Tech Note: In order to enable this option, you will need to have Admin permission in the Google Workspace account that you are using, and you must also be able to edit the DNS settings of the domain you are using.


Set up a custom profile pic for Gmail


Additional steps in your GW account

In the video, at the 1:04 mark, the look of the beehiiv app has changed so you will need to go to Settings > Publication > then click on the Domains tab found up top. 

When you hit the 4:36 mark in the video, please pause it and follow these instructions. 

We will be creating an alias in your GW account for your beehiiv Publication, then will associate it with your regular GW profile. Once done, it will be able to use your GW profile picture to send with your beehiiv Publications. First up, you’ll need to log into your GW account.  

  • Log into your Google Workspace Admin Console and navigate to Directory > Directory settings > Profile editing to make sure the Profile picture setting is enabled. 
  • Add a check to the box if it is not already enabled. 

Gmail profile pic.01.png

  • Next, you’ll need to log into the Google account for the user that is linked as your alternate email in beehiiv. Click on your profile picture to bring up the options, then click on the edit pencil on your picture to view your preferences.

  • If you see ‘Visible to anyone’ above your image, as seen in the image below, then you’re good. Otherwise, click on ‘Visible to your organization and the people you interact with’ and then select the ‘Anyone’ option instead and click to Save
  • After updating your profile picture setting, it can take up 24 hours in some instances to reflect the change. As long as you have these two settings enabled, your custom sender picture should start showing with you beehiiv emails within 24 hours.

Gmail profile pic.02.png

  • Resume the video at the 4:36 mark and continue watching. 

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