How to migrate or import previous content to beehiiv

The process of migrating content involves exporting your prior newsletter content from other platforms, then importing it into the beehiiv platform. For information on migrating previous subscribers to beehiiv, please refer to this article for importing free subscribers, or this article for importing premium subscribers.

This article covers importing newsletter content for general purposes, then also provides some directions for importing newsletter content from Substack, Revue, WordPress, Ghost, and Mailchimp. Please refer to your previous platform for any assistance with exporting content.

Disclaimer: The beehiiv platform has evolved since the filming of this video, so parts of the user interface featured in the video will be slightly different than what you see in your account. Additionally, we have expanded upon the list of outside service providers that we offer a content import process for. 

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How to import previous newsletter content

From the left hand panel in your account, go to Settings > Publication > then click on the Import Content tab.

Click on the Get Started button and select one of the import options. Choose from Substack, Revue, Wordpress, Mailchimp, Ghost, or Other. 

There are a few additional steps for each instance, and the instructions will vary based on your selection. 

For Substack

      • Under Step 1 on the form, input your Substack Publication URL.
      • If you also previously offered premium newsletter content, then under Step 2, click on Select File and attach an exported zip file with your Substack newsletter content, then click the Import button. 
        • You can export this file directly from your Substack account.
        • The file must be a zip file and not an individual CSV or other file.  
        • You can skip Step 2 if you do not have premium content to import.


For Revue 

      • Step 1 on the form is to ensure that your publication's profile page is accessible on Revue.
        • This can be done in Revue by going to Account Settings > Profile > Profile Page and selecting Show past issues. Make sure to click Save.
      • Step 2 asks you to input your publication's profile page URL, then click the Import button. This will be used to pull content and information about your publication/newsletter during the import process.



For Wordpress

      • Step 1 on the form is to ensure that your RSS feed includes entire posts instead of just excerpts.
        • This can be done in Wordpress by going to Settings > Reading. For each post in a feed, include and select the Full Text option, and make sure to click Save.
      • Step 2 asks you to input your blog's URL, then click the Import button. This will be used to pull content and information about your blog during the import process.

For Mailchimp

      • We have an built-in integration to help migrate your Mailchimp content. In Step 1, you’ll need to click on Connect to Mailchimp to start the process, then complete it before clicking on the Import button.
      • Please refer to this article for more information on migrating content from Mailchimp. 

For Ghost

      • You’ll need to input your Ghost Content API key and API URL, then click the Import button.
      • This information can be found in Ghost by going to Settings > Integrations and selecting or creating a custom integration

For Others 

      • We are in the process of expanding our migration documentation. If your previous provider is not covered here, then you can contact our support team for assistance. 
      • In addition, you can reach out to a beehiiv services partner to assist you and your team with any migration efforts (see below).

After you’ve imported your newsletter content, you can access it anytime in your beehiiv account under Write > Posts.


Frequently asked questions about migrating to beehiiv

Will my open rate be affected when I migrate to beehiiv?

Transitioning from another email platform to beehiiv shouldn't negatively affect deliverability or inbox placement, resulting in minimal changes to your open rate.

What email platforms do you have supporting migration documentation for? 

Currently, we offer these help articles on migrating and/or importing: 

What is the migration process if I'm coming from a platform that isn't listed?

If you're migrating from a platform not mentioned above, we do not offer a direct integration for importing your newsletter content at this time. We are actively working to expand our migration documentation. 

For users migrating from other email platforms, the process involves manually copying and pasting post content from your previous provider to new beehiiv posts. Fortunately, our editor is robust and maintains styles well, simplifying the process significantly.

Use a beehiiv services partner

You always have the option to access our internal services partner to help you and your team with any migration efforts to beehiiv. Please fill out this services form for assistance.

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