Monetize Your Newsletter Using Boosts



In this article, we will guide you through one of the most exciting features of Beehiiv—Boosts. This feature allows you to monetize your newsletters, potentially transforming your creative pursuits into a reliable source of income.

What are Boosts?

Boosts are one of the most consequential features on Beehiiv. They create a marketplace with two sides - those who want to grow their publications by offering boosts, and those who want to monetize their newsletters by accepting these offers and sharing the boosted offers with their audiences.

This guide covers the monetization side of the marketplace. If you're interested in growing your publication through the boost feature, please refer to our separate guide on that topic.

How to Get Started with Boosts

1. Navigate to the Monetization tab.
2. Click on Boosts from the dropdown menu.
3. Click on the Get Started button to explore and see what offers are available.
4. Connect your Stripe account. Beehiiv integrates tightly with Stripe for compliance and technical reasons, so you'll need access to a Stripe account to proceed.

Selecting Offers and Hosting Them on Your Newsletter

  1. After verifying your Stripe account, you can now request to host offers on your newsletter. Choose the offers you want to host.
  2. Click on the request button and you will receive a success notification indicating that your application has been submitted.

Acceptance and Active Boosts

  1. Once your application has been accepted, the boost will become active. You can then see this boost in your newsletter offerings.
  2. Monitor the performance of your offers. You can view the signups that have come from this boost and see the website and the description of the newsletter.

Subscriber Verification and Earnings

  1. New subscribers from the Boost are marked as pending until they pass verification.
  2. Once verified, these subscribers move from pending to accepted. Simultaneously, your pending earnings move to total earnings and can be withdrawn.

Boost Rotation and Earnings Withdrawal

  1. You can have as many active boosts as you want, but only three show at a time on the recommendation screen. They rotate randomly to ensure a good mix of all offers.
  2. As more users sign up to your boosts, your earnings will accumulate over time. Once you have enough earnings that can be withdrawn, they will show up in your wallet.
  3. You can withdraw your earnings to your Stripe account using the connection set up at the beginning.

Boosts are a fantastic way to monetize your newsletter and we look forward to seeing you earn from this feature. We believe this will transform many creators' livelihoods and we are thrilled to facilitate this process.

Thank you for choosing Beehiiv. We can't wait to see what you build.

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