How to add multiple publications to your account

One of the many advantages to using beehiiv is the ability to host multiple publications (aka additional newsletters) in your account.

The number of publications you can add depends on which plan you are on: 

  • Launch and Scale plans can add up to 3 publications.
  • Max plans can add up to 10 publications.
  • Enterprise plans can add a custom number of publications.

Interested in adding more publications to your account? Click here to upgrade. 

How to add a new publication to your account

  1. Go to the bottom of the left hand panel in your account and click on Settings.


  2. From the Settings options in the left panel, select Company, and then click on the Publications tab up top.

  3. Under Publications, click on Add Publication.

  4. A form will appear on the right. Give your new publication a name and write a short description of what the publication is about. Enter in what you’d like the subdomain to be for the publication and click on the Create Publication button.

  5.  You’ll receive a quick success message at the top of your screen and be brought to the General tab of your new publication where you’ll be able to manage all of its Basic Info settings.

    Multiple Publications.01.png

  6. After a new publication has been added, you can easily navigate between it and any others in your account from the left hand panel. Simply click on the arrows next to your publication name in the top left corner to access your list of publications.

    Multiple Pubs.png

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