What are the benefits of using boosts?

Boosts is a powerful tool that can help you grow and monetize your newsletter. 

It is important to note before we dive in that there are two sides of boosts. You may find yourself participating in one or even both sides. 

  1. Using boosts to pay and promote your newsletter 
  2. Using boosts to promote other newsletters and earn revenue

Benefits for those looking to pay and promote your newsletter with boosts:

  1. With Boosts, you can set your own price and only pay for active, engaged subscribers, optimizing your campaign for higher quality emails. All email subscribers are real and require double optin. 
  2. Boosts provides an average cost per subscriber of $1.63 and an average open rate of recommended subscribers of 42%. *This varies depending on who promotes your boost. 
  3. Using Boosts can result in an overall monthly growth of 137%, based on preliminary results from those with early access. Leverage boosts to add another acquisition channel to your arsenal. 
  4. Setting up Boosts takes only 5 minutes, making it a quick and easy way to start growing your newsletter. Probably the easiest ad platform that exists. 

Benefits for those looking to promote other newsletters and earn revenue with boosts:

  1. The money earned from Boosts is deposited into your beehiiv wallet a few weeks later.
  2. Boosts requires no code, APIs, or custom integrations, making it simple to implement and manage.
  3. Boosts is fully integrated with beehiiv, offering a single platform with end-to-end 1st party data.
  4. Automated reporting is provided, including live real-time dashboards tracking progress and conversions.
  5. Boosts offers end-to-end spam protection, ensuring you only pay for active, quality subscribers.

Boosts are an invaluable tool for both growing and monetizing your newsletter.

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