Do you charge a fee for Boosts?

Short answer: yes.

When you put in funds to your beehiiv wallet, every cent is used for acquisition. I.e. if you put in $1,000 and a $1 CPA, you will get 1,000 subs.

We only take a 20% cut from those looking to monetize. This covers us facilitating the boost, operations, and all Stripe / International fees. This is baked into the price others see in the marketplace.

What does this look like?

In the example above, the users accepting your Boost will see an offer of $0.80 /subscriber. So they are always shown the actual price they will eventually withdraw and be paid. All available offers shown already include beehiiv’s 20% cut:


No hidden fees or surprises.

This way, we take 0% on deposit + withdrawal, the fee is built into all offers.

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