The 5 keys to successful Boosts campaigns plus FAQs

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Boosts operates as a robust two-sided marketplace, connecting newsletters looking to grow their audience with publishers looking to promote other newsletters while generating revenue; making it a fantastic opportunity to both grow your audience and monetize your newsletter. 

You can choose to participate in one or both sides of the boosts marketplace (grow and monetize), but for optimal success it’s best to take advantage of them in tandem using these 5 keys. 

5 key steps for successful Boosts campaigns

1. Offer Creation: Newsletters looking to grow their audience can create and publish boost offers in the marketplace, offering to pay other publications a CPA (cost per acquisition) to promote them.

2. Application: Newsletters seeking to monetize their audience can apply to boost offers in the marketplace to earn a CPA per subscriber they acquire.

3. Promotion: Once a boost application is approved, newsletters on the monetization side can promote the offer through the following channels:

  • Web: All accepted boosts are automatically displayed on the Recommendations page of the boosting publication, allowing new subscribers to opt-in to the boosted newsletter upon signup.
  • Email (optional): If the offer has Email Boosts enabled, the boosting publication can request to send a boost in their post, enabling their existing subscribers to one-click signup to the boosted newsletter.
  • Direct Links: Each active web boost comes with a default direct link that enables the boosting publication to easily promote the boost. By pasting a direct link on social media, in posts, community channels, and more, the boosting publication can seamlessly drive subscribers directly to their landing page.

4. Verification: Subscribers acquired via Boosts undergo a rigorous verification process to assess quality and engagement. Payment or receipt is only for subscribers verified through our proprietary process.

5. Growth + Monetization: Upon subscriber verification, the boosted publication automatically pays out the boosting publication for the set CPA value per subscriber.


Frequently asked questions about Boosts

How will I get notified of new boost offers?

When a new applicant or offer becomes available in the boosts marketplace, you will get a notification about it in-app and an email will also be sent to the address associated with your beehiiv account letting you know. 

You can view all of your pending applications at-a-glance from the Applications tab in your Boosts dashboard. A new offer will look like this:


How do I get paid from and fund Boosts?

Your beehiiv account comes equipped with a wallet to be used for monetization opportunities from the Boosts marketplace and other features. To utilize these opportunities, you'll need to add funds to your beehiiv wallet for Boosts. However, in order to add funds to your beehiiv wallet, you’ll need to first confirm your account with Stripe Identity Verification.

Can I deposit cryptocurrency into my beehiiv wallet?

No, currently we do not support cryptocurrency as a funding source for your beehiiv wallet. This may change down the road and if it does, we will let you know. 

Do you charge a fee for boosts?

Yes, for those looking to monetize, we apply a 20% fee. This fee encompasses the costs of facilitating the boost, operations, and Stripe transaction fees. The good news is that this fee is integrated into the marketplace prices, ensuring transparency without hidden charges or surprises.

When you add funds to your boosts wallet, every cent is dedicated to acquisition. For instance, if you deposit $1,000 and set a $1 CPA, you'll receive 1,000 subscribers. In this scenario, those accepting your boost will view an offer of $0.80 per subscriber. This way, they always see the exact amount they'll eventually receive.

All displayed boost offers already account for our 20% fee, which eliminates charges on deposit and withdrawal because the fee is integrated into each offer.

How do you verify engaged subscribers for boosts?

To accurately verify engaged subscribers, we utilize an array of data points, including email engagement, geolocation information, and behavioral patterns. This comprehensive approach ensures a high-quality subscriber base and prevents fraudulent or low-quality subscribers from abusing the platform.

Due to the sensitive nature of these measures, we are unable to disclose specific methods employed. Nevertheless, this rigorous process effectively maintains the integrity of the beehiiiv platform and protects all users from being charged for inauthentic subscribers.

Why is there a delay in new leads showing up in my account?

To ensure you're charged solely for active subscribers who double opt-in, we've implemented a 2-21 day buffer that validates all subscribers, preventing ghost or spam subscribers. This measure guarantees the acquisition of high-quality subscribers.

Any new leads acquired through a Boosts campaign will experience a 2-21 day delay before appearing in your account. During this time, they will be labeled as "Pending Subscribers" within your Boosts dashboard.

Can I access boosts in my country?

beehiiv Boosts are facilitated through Stripe for both publishers and advertisers. At the moment, Stripe is the mandatory requirement, and unfortunately, there are no alternative methods available. You can click here to see the current list of supported countries where Stripe is available.

Can I change which boosts are displayed on my Recommendations page?

Once you’ve been accepted to boost multiple publications, you’ll find 5 boosts displayed on the Recommendations page in your account. You can adjust how these featured boosts are presented but only 5 can be displayed at a time. Here’s how to do it:

From your Recommendations page, click on the Settings icon found in the top right corner of your boost offers table. Choose from the following options for displaying boosts:

  • Random (default): This option randomizes the 5 boosts that are displayed.
  • Highest Earning Per Acquisition: This option automatically displays the 5 boosts with the highest CPA.



Can I remove or disable the direct link for my boosts?

Yes, you can remove the direct link channel for any boosting publication. To do so, go to the publication specific page and toggle the Direct Link option off in the top right corner. This will disable the boost direct links for that publication. However, you cannot disable boost direct links at a global level, it can only be done at a publication-specific level using the toggle. 



Where else can I learn about Boosts?

We offer a variety of resources on using beehiiv Boosts, including: 

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