How can I create a gravatar profile photo?

In order to have a profile photo on your profile when leaving comments you will need to have an active gravatar profile photo. 

To set up a gravatar profile photo go here:
If you already have a Gravatar account simply login and update/add your email that you’re using with your beehiiv account and select the photo you want to use. 

1. Go to

2. Click on “Create your Gravatar” to begin



3. Create a username & password



4. Click on create your account



5. Go to your email client to confirm your email

6. Open the “Activate Gravatar” email



7. Click on “Confirm your email”



8. After your email has been confirmed simply login to your account



9. Now choose a photo to upload that you want to use for your profile



10. Crop and or edit your photo based on what you want your photo to look like via the “preview” windows on the right hand side of the page



11. Categorize your photo rating



12. On Step 2 click your desired image



13. Click on confirm to save this image as your default image. Gravatar does allow you to use multiple email addresses + upload multiple photos.


It may take some time for your new gravatar photo to show so if you don't see it live within your comments be patient and also refresh. If that still doesn’t work try clearing your cache within your browser. 

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